Vaccinations and yearly heartworm injections

For puppies and dogs C4, C5 vaccinations and Proheart SR-12 injections are available. For dogs triannual C3 vaccinations are now available. For kittens and cats F3, and FIV vaccinations are available. All vaccination fees include the home visit and full physical examination. Special rates are available for having multiple pets vaccinated at home, so why not organise a “vet-together” at your place with friends, neighbours or relatives.

Supply of veterinary products

A selection of ear cleaners, shampoos/conditioners, flea control, wormers, fly repellents and joint supplements are available to purchase at the home visit. If your pet is receiving any prescription diets, these can be ordered in advance and delivered to your door.

Home euthanasia

The decision to have your pet euthanased is the most difficult one you will ever need to make in the lifetime of your pet. Our service allows you and your pet to be in private, familiar surroundings and to take the time needed for this emotional process. Euthanasia literally means “gentle death”. Your pet is first sedated by giving an injection under the skin, which takes 5-10 minutes to take effect. During this period, the family can visit with and comfort the pet. After the animal is asleep, an injection of barbiturate is given which results in loss of consciousness, respiratory depression and finally cardiac arrest. The procedure is quiet, painless and rapid. After euthanasia, several options are available. You may bury your pet at home, or we can arrange burial or private cremation for you. The decision to say goodbye to your pet is always a painful one. If you have any questions or concerns regarding euthanasia, please contact us or see the links to related sites that may help you.


Unfortunately, not all veterinary services can be performed at home. If your pet is unwell enough to require hospitalisation for intravenous fluids, or ongoing care, we can arrange referral to a veterinary hospital nearby. Referral to specialists such as dermatologists, orthopaedic surgeons, ultrasonographers or cardiologists can also be arranged

New puppy and kitten health checks

Your new pet is best being examined at home before they are fully vaccinated, as there is no hospital room to be exposed to sick animals. The pet’s new environment can be assessed and recommendations made to make the integration into your family as smooth as possible.

Chinese medicine

Acupuncture is very effective at treating a variety of common conditions and diseases in dogs and cats. It is frequently used to treat pain associated with arthritis and back problems. Most animals tolerate the placement of needles very well and seem to feel relaxed as a result of the treatment. A frequency and duration of treatment will be recommended according to the condition and your pet’s needs.

Chinese herbs are excellent for treating chronic skin conditions, urinary disorders, neurological disorders such as epilepsy and behavioural issues, such as anxiety

Diagnostics - blood tests and pathology

Depending on physical examination findings and any changes you have noted in your pet’s health, activity or behaviour, it may be recommended that further testing be done. We can take samples of blood, urine and faeces at home and send these by courier straight to the laboratory and usually have an answer within 24 hours. Skin scrapings and ear swabs can be checked back at the clinic the same day

Pick-up and drop-off service for surgery

Routine surgical procedures such as desexing, dentistry and lump removals are performed at our Veterinary Clinic in West Footscray. Animals are collected in the morning and then returned home the same day.


VetCall does not charge a premium for home visits. You will surprised at how little extra a home visit will be. A 10% discount is available to aged and disability pensioners. All payments are due at the time of consultations. Credit card and EFTPOS facilities are available. Vetcall accepts Visa and Mastercard.


X-rays and Ultrasound

Vetcall offers in-house radiograph and ultrasoundography to help complete the diagnostic treatment plan of your pet. We are able to refer images if the need be, to specialists for expert opinion and reporting.