Veterinary Clinic and House Call Service

VetCall was founded in 2005 to combine quality, old fashioned service with modern, professional veterinary care. We provide and easy, affordable and personal solution to build a trusting relationship with you and your pet.

We offer a HOUSE CALL service to the WESTERN SUBURBS of Melbourne six days a week. This reduces stress for you and your pet and provides a great solution for those without transport or with multiple pets. It also saves you time and the difficulty of getting your pets in and out of the car.

Our NEW purpose built clinic in WEST FOOTSCRAY provides consultations as well as dentistry, diagnostic and surgical services. We are located within the BARKLY VILLAGE precinct and are proud to be involved in our local community.

VetCall is an appointment only service. If you require emergency or 24 hour care please refer to our links page for these services.

Key advantages:

  • Reduces stress for you and your pets

  • Minimises mess in your car

  • Saves time

  • Affordable

  • Reinforces the trust relationship between you and you pets

  • Reduces potentially stressful encounters with other animals and smells

Other advantages to house-calls:

  • Animals are more relaxed in their own environment so a thorough physical and behavioural exam is possible

  • You will always see the same vet, so you can build a trusting relationship with them

  • Your vet is only focused on YOUR animals at home, which can be difficult at times in a busy clinic

  • A great solution for those without transport or other difficulties such as age and disabilities