donít wait at the clinic - let the vet come to you!

VetCall is a mobile vet service operating throughout the Western suburbs of Melbourne. A mobile vet has many advantages over a veterinary clinic, including reducing stress and saving time. We provide an easy, affordable and personal solution to build a trusting relationship with you and your pet.

Why Veterinary Housecalls?
  • Less stress for you and your pets
  • No struggling to get into the cage and car
  • No mess in your car
  • No scary encounters with strange animals and smells
  • Your vet really gets to know you and your animals
  • Animals are more relaxed in their own environment so a thorough physical and behavioural exam is possible
  • You will always see the same vet, so you can build a trusting relationship with them
  • Your vet is only focused on YOUR animals at home, which cannot always happen in a busy clinic
  • A great time saver for busy parents
  • An easy, affordable solution for elderly and disabled pet owners who don’t have their own transport
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