We are proud sponsors of the Auskick Roosters at WFFC

Whats Happening this Month?



Vetcall is proud to again participate in the NDN Nationwide Discounted Desexing Scheme for 2018.

For the month of July we will be offering discounted desexing fees for cats, dogs and rabbits. No vouchers are needed, this discount will be applied to all pets that fit the criteria.

Why desex? Your pet’s health and longevity improve, you’re saving yourself large vet bills from all the health complications that could arise from an undesexed pet, and you are preventing unwanted litters ending up in pounds or animal rescue shelters.

Last year more than 2,000 kittens and nearly 700 puppies were born, surrendered or simply dumped at one of five AWLQ rehoming centres in South East Queensland alone. Many more don’t make it to the shelters, rescue groups or pounds, and are abandoned to live and breed on the streets, around shopping centres, and industrial complexes. This situation is typical across Australia, every year.

In 2017, veterinarians desexed approximately 10,000 cats and dogs through National Desexing Month in July!

Please call the practice 9687-7711 further information and appointment availability .