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Does your dog constantly lick, scratch, rub, and bite the same areas over and over again? These could be signs of allergic dermatitis, a medical condition that needs treatment. Just like people, dogs can be allergic to common substances in the environment, such as grass and tree pollen, mold, and dust mites. Dogs may also be allergic to fleas, carpets, insecticides, and even ingredients in shampoos. These allergens trigger itch, and depending on what is causing the allergy, your dog may suffer seasonally—or all year round.

To get relief from the allergic itch, your dog may scratch, lick, chew, or bite, which unfortunately can make things worse. If you notice your dog is itchy, it is important to make an appointment with your veterinarian and get it checked out.

CYTOPOINT is an injection that controls chronic dog itch for 4 to 8 weeks*

CYTOPOINT is a safe, effective, long-lasting treatment for chronic itch due to allergic or atopic dermatitis. It is an injection that is given by your veterinarian that targets itch at its source.

CYTOPOINT works like your dog’s own immune system. It is specifically designed to target and neutralize one of the main proteins that send itch signals to your dog’s brain that triggers scratching, licking, and chewing. CYTOPOINT blocks signals that trigger itch, so the constant scratching can stop, and red, irritated skin can heal.

Ask us about CYTOPOINT for safe, long lasting relief of dog itch!

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